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Serge Mouille - Standing Lamp w/1 Head/Arm

24.350,00 kr

Serge Mouille straight Floor Lamp
Serge Mouille, 1953

46 x 69 x 160 cm

From the “Black Shapes” series, the Serge Mouille straight Floor Lamp is a re-release of a 1953 model, featuring a serial number. Made from steel and painted black, it has three feet, brass ball joints and a black lacquered aluminium reflector with a white interior. Delivered rapidly, this numbered model, complete with a certificate of authenticity, also comes in white.

Light fixtures with a unique design

Recognised as one of the greatest light fixture designers of the 20th century, Serge Mouille found success in the 1950s with his famous series of “Black Shapes”. Very rare collection pieces since the artist passed away, Serge Mouille light fixtures are today enjoying a second life.

Serge Mouille Certificate of Authenticity

Produced in France by Editions Serge Mouille in moulds of the time, the new releases of lamps, wall lights and floor lamps are manufactured using craftsman’s techniques with the same materials and techniques as the first models. Each item is numbered and delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

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