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Occhio - Mito Sospeso 60

25.368,00 kr

Fixed or variable height


Occhio Air

Suspended, height-adjustable luminaires for a continuously adjustable color temperature

Mito sospeso, annular suspended LED luminaire with a diameter of 60 cm, suspension length max. 350 cm (fixed) / 50-200 cm (variable), color temperature continuously controllable via »touchless control« and Occhio air (optional), dimmable, mounting versions for all spatial situations.  


head ø 400 mm ceiling canopy ø 380 mm, H 39,5 mm head ø 600 mm ceiling canopy ø 576 mm, H 39,5 mm suspension length max. 3500 mm (fixed), 500 – 2000 mm (variable)

Occhio Air

Bluetooth control integrated in cover / canopy. Features via Occhio air
app or » air « controller controllable (no external dimming) 

Energy efficiency (EEC)

A+ G (September 2021)


Power / Luminous flux

40W, 60W / 2220lm, 3330lm