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cc-tapis / Fuga Collection

48.750,00 kr



Fuga Collection

Proudly made by hand in Nepal

A prolific drawer, Mohaded began his process for the Fuga Collection by sketching, the Argentine designer drew literally hundreds of drawings, each treated as an experiment, developing his concept and ideas. Mohaded was interested in the visual displacement of volume. Simple and delicate markmaking became merely a consequence of the shifting mass he was moving on paper. He was curious about flow and in the dynamic energy created when a mass can reach its breaking point, expanding beyond its borders. Whether the volume is moving from within or being attracted from without, these forces manipulate the object creating an organic design which was never preplanned. The final result is a collection of 3 rugs, which delicately use undyed Himalayan wool to translate the mark-making of the designer. Each one shifting, pulling and pushing its own boundaries, breaking traditional shapes and spaces, responding to the objects around it.


MATERIALE 100% himalayan wool
PRODUKTIONSMETODE Håndknyttet, A (125.000 knots/sqm approx.)