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cc-tapis / Primitive Weave

54.338,00 kr

Primitive Weave

Proudly made by hand in Nepal

Primitive Weave by Chiara Andreatti. A collection inspired by Moroccan Berber rugs, infused with the rigorous Viennese geometric graphics from the 20th century. A mixture of Nepalese flatweave and different pile heights, the effortless combination of cultures and knotting techniques make these rugs rich in texture and aesthetics. Rugs that are as unique as they are beautiful.

Born in Veneto not far from Venice, Chiara Andreatti moved to Milan where she graduated in Industrial Design at IED in 2003 and attended a master at Domus Academy. She collaborated with designers and studios such as Raffaella Mangiarotti, Renato Montagner and since 2006 she has worked with studio Lissoni Associati (MI) whilst working on parallel freelance projects and working with companies such as Atipico, Glas Italia, Non Sans Raison, cc-tapis, Covo, Reflex, Casamilano and Armani Jeans. Continously studying aesthetics, she often combines the artisan culture of her venetian roots with design and industrial needs believing that a handcrafted and poetic touch on everyday objects will enrich our lives.


MATERIAL Cotton weave, Himalayan wool and metallic fibres
QUALITY B (89.000 knots / sqm approx.)
 230x300 cm