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79.380,00 kr

Priseksempel m/ polyester fyld

"8" designet af Piero Lissoni for Cassina

The "8" sofa, or Otto, as it is also refereed to, is a large module sofa system. As such, it can be combined in numerous different ways. You could almost say that it is a tailor made system, fit to fulfill your exact requirements and needs of a sofa. 

It can be chosen with a filling of either feather padded cushions, for a soft "lazy" look. Or with polyester padded cushions for a more firm appearance.

The base comes in three different types of finish, being glossy aluminium, matt painted anthracite or gunmetal grey.

The sofa series is available in a wide variety of different fabric and leather types in various different colors. We have physical samples of them all, in our showroom.

Classic comfort and elegance bespeak the minimal yet versatile proportions of the Otto sofa, whose modular structure combines premier construction skills and bespoke upholstery expertise in every detail.

Otto’s extruded aluminium base lends itself to creative compositions of varying lengths, the essential lines of the overall design allowing for a wide array of configurations.

Executed by expert hands to ensure a precision-perfect fit, the upholstered cushions slide seamlessly into the central slots in the flexible panels, while the sofa’s light, soft lines are complemented by the feather-filled inserts in the seat, back and arms.

Finished to the highest standards, the Otto sofa is also available with polyester inserts.


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