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B&B Italia "SAKé" sofa

69.276,00 kr


SAKé sofa designet af Piero Lissoni for B&B Italia

SAKé signals the beginning of Piero Lissoni’s collaboration with B&B Italia. The design begins from a strongly contemporary seating system distinguished by a careful search for formal balance. Seats in three sizes (cm 175, 210 and 270), with embracing or linear backs and arms of various dimensions added harmoniously to create a sofa adapted to the customer’s space and personal taste.

The system is enhanced with a chaise lounge element (cm 105 x 135) that lends itself to various interpretations: as the terminal element in a linear composition, with a more enveloping back and with the addition of armrests, it can stand on its own or, alongside another chaise lounge, it can create a sofa with deep seating. The details of the cushions and support base contribute to the design lightness. The seat cushion has refined modular stitching, ranging from cm 35 or cm 45; the back cushions, available in two sizes, are outlined by profiled bands.

The seating system support base is made of crosspiece with rounded steel feet connected to each other by a bar. All this is finished in pewter painted color. This seating system also offers a sofa bed (cm 150 x 210), the only one in the B&B Italia collection, adopting the other sofas seating and back elements. The interchangeable right or left armrest can serve as a headboard when, with a simple translation movement of the seat and the overturning of the back, the sofa becomes a single bed.


“This design comes from the search for lightness. A technological platform, magically suspended in the air like a flying carpet, with cushions added to enclose the borders, and finally, legs to ground it.

This is the basic idea of the SAKé collection, made up of pieces for seating and sleeping, designed in a simply contemporary language, connected with my proportions. I liked the idea of following in the wake of B&B Italia, of modernity.

For me, SAKé is a platform on which to float in peace. But it is also a sofa...”.




The sofa, can be upholstered in a wide array of different fabrics and leathers, in many different colors.


The SAKé sofa consists of a series of different sized modules. As such, it can be visualized in many different compositions.

Information in regards to the modules and their sizes, can be found further down the page, in the PDF product sheet.

Internal frame
Tubular steel and steel profiles

Seat, back and armrest upholstery
Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fiber cover

Internal frame (sofa bed)
Multi-layered wood panel

Seat and back upholstery (sofa bed)
Shaped polyurethane of different density, polyester fiber cover

Back cushion (SK50C-SK75C-SK90C)
Combination of polyester fiber and visco-elastic polyurethane, polyester fiber cover, box style typology

Support frame

Thermoplastic material

Fabric or leather

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