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B&B Italia "Husk"

53.379,00 kr

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Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Year: 2014

Warm and comfortable, Husk is the perfect example of how to reverse the construction process of a sofa. Its structure in fact is created by the softer, flexible parts. Husk is available in two sizes. They both have a deep seat, although the shorter version combines the seat with a backrest, whereas in the longer version, the two cushioned components are separated. Its generous volume is made lighter by the different finishes of its supporting components, while the down feather cushions grant maximum comfort. Elegant and casual at the same time, it changes its appearance whether it is covered with solid color or mélange fabrics. Husk is not a place you sit on, rather you sit in. You are greeted by its embrace, never losing contact with what surrounds you.

Technical information


The sofa, can be upholstered in a wide array of different fabrics, in many different colors.


The Husk sofa series, exists in two different sizes. A sofa on 225 cm, as well as a sofa on 261 cm.

Information in regards to the sizes, can be found further down the page in the PDF product sheet.

Internal frame:
Tubular steel and steel profiles

Internal frame upholstery:
Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fiber cover

Seat upholstery:
Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fiber cover

Back cushion (HS55-HS55C):
Upholstery : down feather + polyester fiber, typology : pillow style

Bronzed nickel painted or with burnished copper finish die-cast aluminium

Thermoplastic material


Product sheet with measurements:

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