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B&B Italia "Charles" sofa

46.844,00 kr


Charles sofa designet af Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia

The protagonist of modern lifestyle, it has become the landmark in the world of design. The light feeling especially conveyed by the essential design of the “inverted “L”- shaped feet, along with a single seat-cushion and a series of free cushions placed on the backrest is the distinctive feature of a sofa that has met with boundless success. The airy shape and simple profile make it, almost by contrast, extremely rich and innovative from a spatial standpoint, a system that encourages the creation of ever new compositions. Charles includes an extensive family of elements that can meet every furnishing requirement, even the most personal demand for comfort.

The name? Charles is a tribute to the design of the 1950s and 60s. The name refers obviously to Charles Eames, the American designer, architect and film director who always sustained that “The details are not the details. They make the design” They are actually elements that make design meaningful. This concept is enough to tell the story of Charles, B&B Italia's longest and best seller, and the design strength shows in the details: the upside-down L foot and the slender raised base both confer an image of lightness to the sofa.

A leading piece in contemporary lifestyle, it became a reference model in the world of design. The light image accentuated by the essential design of the die-cast aluminium feet make Charles into a sofa with a decidedly contemporary look, a product of great formal elegance that goes well beyond the current times and fashions. The spatial concept behind the project by Antonio Citterio is innovative: a system that can be used to create new compositions - two or three seat sofas, sofas with a chaise lounge addition and a corner sofa. The line also includes a broad selection of modular elements to satisfy any furnishing need, including the most personal desire for comfort.



Upholstery: The sofa, can be upholstered in a wide array of different fabrics and leathers, in many different colors.

Sizes: The Charles sofa consists of a series of different sized modules. As such, it can be visualized in many different compositions.

Information in regards to the modules and their sizes, can be found further down the page, in the PDF product sheet.

Internal frame: tubular steel and steel profiles

Internal frame upholstery: Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fiber cover

Internal frame upholstery (CHP - CHP_F - CH150P): shaped polyurethane of different density, polyester fiber cover

Seat cushion upholstery (home): shaped polyurethane of different density, sterilized down, polyester fiber cover

Seat cushion upholstery (public spaces): shaped polyurethane of different density, polyester fiber, polyester fiber cover

Back cushion (CH48_C-CH72_C): upholstery : polyester fiber, typology : box style

Feet: Bronzed nickel painted, bright brushed or painted black chrome die-cast aluminium

Ferrules: Thermoplastic material

Cover: Fabric or leather

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