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Curve Bench

18.656,00 kr



Curve Bench

Bench in a single block of aromatic cedar. Distinguished by its arched shape below the seat that exalts the veining and the shading of the natural cedar. Available with padded cushion and upholstered in leather or fabric.The products are made from completely natural leather and hand-finished without the addition of any treatment. Movements, cracks and changes in the appearance of the wood are intrinsic characteristics of these items and result from the natural settlement and diverse environmental conditions.


Design Brodie Neill

Brodie Neill is a dynamic young designer with a focus toward seamless forms and material sensitivity.  Neill originates from Tasmania Australia but has quickly built up an international reputation and an extensive list of prestigious customers. 

Neill develops his interest for the form, first at the University of Tasmania, then with a progressive digital approach developed during a Masters degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. After a successful period he worked for top brands in New York, Neill established his current studio in London's East End, where he applies his seamless, fluid-like designs to a range of objects from production items to special edition pieces.


Cedar Vulcano / Cedar Wood / Cedar Contract Finish / Cedar Sanded


120 cm: H 45 cm / D 36,7 cm 

180 cm: H 45 cm / D 36,7 cm 

240 cm: H 45 cm / D 36,7 cm


    Cedar Vulcano           Cedarwood            Cedar Contract Finish    Cedar Sanded