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27.430,00 kr




Wall mirror in 6 mm high temperature fused glass, back-silvered. 5 mm flat mirror. Rear frame in painted metal. It can be hung horizontally or vertically.


“The mirror”: it has always been a way for human beings to verify their existence by seeing themselves reflected there. In this it is very similar to water, the only natural reflecting element, thanks to the power of light.

This gave rise to “the idea”: who would be better throughout the entire world at shaping reflective material? In our opinion, Master XHIXHA uses the instrument of light like no other to create musical and thus architectural partitions, deforming material especially stainless steel.

Descending from Olympus, how can the creator/artist then bring it to man? Through design. With what material? Glass. Shaped by whom? By the only ones capable of making it while using their hearts. The in-depth artistic culture nurtured over the years through relationships with the greatest modern artists, makes FIAM and its founder Vittorio Livi a catalyst for genius and recklessness, the irrational and fantastic mind.

Still a mirror then? No, instead it’s shaped material that reflects light and everything that surrounds it to distort it, embody fantasies, and unprecedented and surprising perspectives. Christine: pure love, but at the same time torment and desperation, represented in the poetic and “uncontrolled gesture” by XHIXHA.

The mirror becomes a true reflection of everything that surrounds it, but it describes it to us using an unexpected poetry, through FIAM art, design and “magic”.

Dante O. Benini