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Magniberg - Bold Blanket, Ballet Green

3.805,00 kr

Bold Banket - Magniberg

The Magniberg Bold blanket is made from thick virgin wool. It is super soft against bare skin and the heavy weave embodies the blanket with character and a boiled touch. With the oversized dimensions the Oyster White Bold blanket becomes monumental, a sculptural piece for years to come. The best way to describe it is simply... Bold.

100% Virgin wool
Heavy weight blanket
Measurements: 150 × 250 cm / 59 × 98"
Made in Italy
RWS Certified (Responsible Wool Standard)
OEKO-TEX® certified textile free from harmful chemicals

With all Magniberg blankets we have exaggerated the dimensions. A blanket should be a thing of comfort and embrace, even if there are two of you.

Made from carefully selected material known for its soft fibres. Due to the characteristics of the material it is natural for fibres to shed when it is new.