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Les Grands Trans-Parents

14.858,00 kr

Et kunstnerisk interiørelement, designet af Man Ray i 1938

A mirror that reveals its special, unexpected, touch wherever it is used, the enigmatic wordplay screen-printed on the glass merging with whatever is being reflected. Created by Man Ray, the American painter, photographer and film-maker. One of the more radical and multi-talented exponents of both Dada and Surrealism, he was particularly renowned for his love of experimentation, which included his achieving some extremely innovative results using air-brushes, photographic film, and common objects. This oval mirror, is backed with stiff polyurethane, and derives from a larger piece created by the artist, adapting a Surrealist artwork into an object for everyday use. This mirror has been in production since 1971, as part of Ultramobile SimonCollezione. 



H 181 / B 92 / D 4 cm