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Leather Pot



Leather pot: transparent glass and soft leather for a family of open vases that can be mixed and matched or used on their own. The Leather Pot vases collection, designed by Poltrona Frau, consists of three simple transparent glass cylinders in different sizes and a series of covers entirely in Pelle Frau®.


The covers encase the cylinders forming a kind of grip, the distinctive hallmark of the collection. Available in Pelle Frau® Nest in the colours Larimar, Mars and Salgemma (Rock Salt), the covers are distinctive for their contrast stitching. The rims of the Leather Pot vases are tinted and finished by hand in tone-on-tone colours



 Small 10 cm x 10 cm
 Wide 19 cm x 20 cm
High 15 cm x 30 cm