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Karakter - Cache Console




The foundation of the Cache series, part of Paul McCobb’s extensive Planner series, is a beautifully simplistic and easy table with slim and straight steel legs, stripped from any details or ornament, leaving only small drawers that can be mounted individually or grouped on either side of the table for small keepings. The series is complimented with the matching Desk Organiser with two drawers and a shelf supported by a steel frame.

A prominent figure in American mid-century design, Paul McCobb conceived the Planner series in the 1950s, a modular furniture series that brought modern design into middle-class American households. The aesthetic attribute of McCobb’s design is sleek and unadorned and at the same time warm and approachable. With its versatility and purity of form, the Planner series became one of the most successful commercial furniture lines of its era.

Paul McCobb

Paul McCobb (1917-1969) was one of the leading contemporary furniture designers on the American design scene in the 1950s and 1960s. Over a timespan of twenty years he designed an impressive range of multi-functional furniture, accessories and textiles, as well as several notable interior design projects. McCobb often offered a playful take on traditional forms with hints of Scandinavian craftsmanship and international style clarity, often made with affordable and robust materials such as iron, solid wood and durable upholstery. Since McCobb’s early death in 1969 his designs have not been in production, but are now making their way back.


H: 72cm
W: 152 / 260 cm
D: 56cm


MaterialTable top in oak veneer, frame in steel

FinishLacquered tabletop, powder coated frame

Drawers: The optional drawers can be mounted individually
or grouped on either side of the table