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Ilary by Jean-Marie Massaud


With the Ilary side tables, Jean-Marie Massaud designs three collections in one. In fact, Ilary is a system of 5 side tables of different heights, shapes and constructions. A mix of finishes and materials to create effects and combinations that are different each time, yet consistent.


Base in solid ash, moka or Havana finish, and top in Calacatta Oro or Fior di Pesco marble for the two large and low circular Ilary side tables. The lower shelf is in black painted birch plywood. Material variations in the two smaller round Ilary side tables. The base in brushed burnished steel is stylishly combined with the top upholstered in Cuoio Saddle leather or solid ash. Sculpted entirely from Calacatta Oro or Fior di Pesco marble with semi-glossy finish, the monolithic Ilary side table completes the collection. The top is circular and the support is distinctive for its striking handle-groove that makes it easy to move the side table. The two elements are united by an invisible steel frame.