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Harvest Without Fringes Rug

13.328,00 kr



Kvadrat gulvtæppe designet af Kinnasand

Heavyweight, warm and comforting, hand knotted Harvest has a distinctive dense texture and brings a contemporary interpretation to the classic Persian knot. In addition to its felted woollen yarn pile, the rug features a ‘khati’ woven cotton border that transforms into fine fringes, in the same or contrasting colour. This creates a refined contrast between technique and material. Also available without fringes, Harvest comes in rich earthy tones and saturated signature colours.

Design Kinnasand

Originally from Kinna in southern Sweden, Kinnasand produces subtle yet clear Nordic designs for contemporary homes. In doing so, the company draws on over 200 years’ experience of producing unique, high-quality textiles and carpets.

The visionary products are characterised by individuality and attention-to-detail. Made from the very best materials, they are crafted by the World’s finest weavers using state-of-the-art technologies.

Designed by Creative Director Isa Glink, the collections have received a number of prestigious national and international design awards. These include the German Design Award, the Interior Innovation Award, the ICFF Editors Award, the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland and the reddot design award.



100% ren New Zealand uld


Håndknyttet, 38.000 persiske knuder 


400x600 cm


4500 g/ 

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