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GNR Service Prunier

447,00 kr


Elegant stel designet af Le Corbusier

Cassina in collaboration with Richard Ginori and the Le Corbusier Foundation.

The tableware, designed by Le Corbusier, was originally created for the Prunier restaurant in London. In 1961, owner Madame Prunier asked Corbusier to design a collection of tableware for her restaurant with the interlocking hands motif found on the bottom of the Les Mains tapestry, which was designed by the Master in 1951 and displayed in a private room of the establishment. Le Corbusier used the plates himself which, as he loved to say, combined quality and taste, or “the taste of forms”. In collaboration with Richard Ginori, Cassina has reissued the tableware with full respect for the original project, paying close attention to and focusing on its authenticity.  Service Prunier includes a plate, soup dish, dessert plate and coffee cup with saucer and  is made of white porcelain, like the model, with Le Corbusier’s original design applied by hand.



Dessert plate: Ø 20 cm

Flat plate: Ø 27 cm

Soup plate: Ø 21 cm

Coffee service: Cup Ø 10 cm / Saucer Ø 12,5 cm

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