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DS707 Sofa

57.350,00 kr



Elegant sofa designet af Philippe Malouint for De Sede

The DS-707 is the modern composition of handmade leather and contemporary design.The flowing, soft transitions combine the postmodern era of Swiss furniture design with the clear, open structures of brutalism that inspired designer Philippe Malouin.Available as a comfortable armchair or as a modular sofa that can be combined in infinite ways, the DS-707 is the visual perfection of form that gives every room a unique highlight.Designed in the style of brutalism, recounting the unruly origins of modern esthetics and dedicated to the sustainable use of materials, this sculpture is now also available with a corner element that additionally accentuates the powerful silhouette of this leather furniture and permits additional, flowing interior designs.

The DS707 can be made in many different compositions, upholstery in different fabric and leather.

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