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833 Cavalletto



Skrive- eller spisebord designet i 1950 af italiensk arkitekt og designer Franco Albini

This table, with its minimal lines and an extremely light look, underscores the extensive thought, by Franco Albini, and the advanced wood-working skills, by Cassina, that went into its creation.  Its stability based on the principle of opposing forces, the frame looks improvised, volumes and weights having been reduced. Cavalletto, which means trestle in English is assembled using two tensioning rods in burnished brass that also serve for bracing. The intricate construction process, executed by Cassina’s carpenters, illustrates the excellence of the wood-working skills of the craftsmen of Meda. Offering an extremely refined interpretation of form, this vision of elegance shows Cassina’s customary attention to detail extending to the metal parts, not to mention the border trim on the table-top.


L 180 cm / B 71 cm / H 70 cm

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