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562 Dudet Chair

13.965,00 kr


Designed in 2021

The small armchair that dialogues with the Sengu Table is very evocative and strongly references 1970s design. Dudet is a small architecture defined by three individual padded elements: a seat cushion and two tubes that fluidly design its legs, armrests and backrest in a continuous line.

The soft and comfortable appearance of the Dudet armchair strikes immediately and, under its welcoming curves, it has a conscious soul thanks to the fact that its elements can be easily separated. An innovative system that, with a view to circularity, allows its metal core to be separated from the polyurethane foam padding made with a percentage of polyols deriving from biological sources. This facilitates both the disposal of the separate pieces and the recycling of its noble materials like its steel core.


A design chair by Patricia Urquiola with a soft, enveloping shape that offers contemporary comfort with a well-developed sense of environmental awareness.