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369 Hola

8.190,00 kr



369 Hola stol designet af Hannes Wettstein

Elegant and functional, the Hola chair is one of Cassina’s all-time best-selling pieces. Conceived to offer comfort to the max, both in domestic environments and for contract use, Hola’s delightful curves, crafted from one single mold, conjure a harmonious interplay between the seat, back and legs, where the inner steel core of the chair marries the expanded polyurethane padded upholstery to perfection. Cassina’s construction skills are revealed in the company craftsmen’s approach to joints and their meticulous attention to detail. Supplied with or without arms, this chair is upholstered in leather, or with removable fabric covers, alternatively in its most recent iteration: leather with fabric.



H 76 cm / SH 45 cm / B 47 cm / D 55 cm

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