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081 Réaction Poétique

5.145,00 kr



Design og funktion i ét. Jaime Hayons skulpturelle træobjekter i forskellige størrelser kan bruges som serveringsbakker, dekoration eller sideborde. 

Jamie Hayon has created a collection of streamlined, functional objects, perfectly suited to the contemporary home, conceived with an almost religious dedication to the one material used, wood.

These sculptural pieces employ form, light, and shade to express the ineffable beauty of wood, thanks also to the masterful crafts skills of Cassina’s carpenters. The various elements, inspired by the organic shapes conjured by Le Corbusier, and the paintings featured in the magazine L’Esprit Nouveau, reflect Cassina’s tradition of woodworking excellence and the close links that the company has always fostered between craftsmanship and industrial innovation. The original solid ashwood, stained black, has now been complemented by two variants: open-pore ashwood stained mud and Canaletto walnut. Each piece bears the Cassina logo, and is sold with a certificate of authenticity. 



01: H 23 / Ø 27 cm

02: H 18 cm, Top 36 x 15 cm

03: H 23 / Ø 30 cm

04: H 27 / Ø 38 cm

05: H 18 cm, Top 57 x 31 cm

06: H 64 / Ø 48 cm (sidebord)

07: H 56 / Ø 40 cm (sidebord)


1. Ashwooed Stained Black

2. Ashwood Stained Mud

3. American Walnut