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058 Kangaroo

21.158,00 kr


Elegant loungestol designet i 1958 af Pierre Jeanneret

Cassina continues its study of the furniture of the city of Chandigarh and adds the Kangaroo low armchair to the Hommage à Pierre Jeanneret Collection; a collection that stands out for its essential forms and simple materials, a balance between modern European ideals and traditional Indian spirit. This low chair, made for the city’s General Hospital Hall but also present in many private houses, is characterised by the "Z" shape of its sides, made up of a sequence of three vaguely triangular coplanar elements placed in continuity. The seat and backrest feature typical weaving inside the wooden frame, for which, in addition to the historic teak version, the Cassina Research and Development Centre offers two further variants, in natural oak and stained black oak, produced in the company’s historic carpentry workshop. An optional cushion is available for added protection and comfort.



Loungestolen fås i naturfarvet teaktræ, naturfarvet egetræ eller sort farvet egetræ


Det er muligt at tilkøbe et sæde og ryglæn pudesæt til loungestolen. 


H 61 cm, B 58 cm, L 76 cm

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