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Rialto Fly Skænk

39.204,00 kr




Rialto Fly

Dresser made from hardwood and plywood, enclosed by an iron or wood frame, doors and drawers assembled with dovetail joints and the push-pull opening system. Two fine iron legs raise it from the ground.

Finish: base of oil / natural wax of vegetable origin with pine extracts.


Design Giuliano Cappelletti

He was born in Cantù from hand-crafted family and he is only child.

He has attended the “Istituto Statale d’Arte of Cantù” and than he took his degree at Politecnico of Milan.

In the family he grow up breathing projects, drawings, design and furniture settings because his dad had a furniture’s production company. He had the chance to know famous architects who fascinated him and this was decisive for his choice in both academic and professional way.

At 21 years he moved to Milan both to do experience of work and study, by living the design’s explosion of the city.

Not graduated yet, he decided to open his studio and he began to have the first relationship with companies in the same sector; a fundamental experience which was very important to know productive process and the use of new materials.

The studio now occupies of product design – architecture – interior design.

In 2010 he opened in Shanghai a studio with some Partners working in the architectural and contract fields.


B2: Lacquered iron: Matt transparent, Irondust, RAL (only selected colours)

B3: Lacquered iron matt brushed effect: Aged copper, Aged bronze, Stainless

steel, Titanium lacquered iron oxidized effect


A1: Walnut without knots, Walnut with knots

A2: Oak without knots, Oak with knots

A3: Oak without knots  - Finish: Whitened, Mystic black, Vintage, Neutro oak with knots  - Finish: Whitened, Mystic black, Vintage, Neutro

A4: Oak without knots pigmented: Ash grey, White milk, Total black

Oak with knots pigmented: Ash grey, White Milk, Total black

N.B.: Pigmented surfaces only outside

A5: Oak: Flamed London, Vulcano with knots, Tabacco with knots

A6: Briccola


B 220 cm / D 45 cm / H 75 cm



    Aged Bronze                 Aged Copper                Titanium                       Stainless Steel


     Traffic Red                    Jet Black                       Grey Brown                   Dusty Grey


     Light Grey                     Traffic White                 Pure White                    Oyster White


     Cream White               Grey White                   Natural Iron                  "Corten" Wax 



      Vulcano Oak w/knots                 Elm                Whitened Oak w/knots         Maple


      Ash Grey Oak w/knots         Cherrywood      White Milk Oak w/knots      Briccola


    Walnut w/o knots  Vintage Oak w/o knots  Oak w/o knots  Whitened Oak w/o knots