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September Rug

31.560,00 kr



Kvadrat gulvtæppe designet af Hella Jongerius

September is an elegant, highly tactile rug that provides a joyful centrepiece to any home. In Hella’s own words the design is a “botanical and material collage”, brought to life thanks to a host of different materials involved in its construction. Here, hand-spun Tibetan wool combines with nettle, bamboo viscose and silk in vibrant colour fields.

Featuring an intriguing surface of colourful geometric elements embedded into a natural base, September reveals a large abstract shadow of a leaf at a distance, which is knotted in a higher pile than the bright shapes that first attract the eye.

Two slightly different designs and colourways see the leaf differ in shape, and the placement of the geometric shapes vary across the rug. In addition, the natural colour of the nettle differs from season to season with a pleasant irregularity, highlighted by shimmering silk. Taken together, all of these elements contribute to a sophisticated design with unique variation.

Design Hella Jongerius 

Hella Jongerius is one of the world’s foremost product designers. She is a prominent force in the Netherlands, her native country, as well as on the international stage where she wins regular accolades for her thoughtful and research-driven work. Since her early work for Dutch design collective Droog, and now at her Berlin-based studio Jongeriuslab, material and process research largely determines her design direction. Her work has been characterised by a unique ability to approach industry with a craft perspective. In 2013 Hella Jongerius was appointed Design Director for Danskina, she has brought that same craft sensibility, research and experimentation to the textile industry.



63% tibetanks uld / 17% kinesisk silke / 16% nælde / 4% bambus viskose


Håndknyttet, 96.000 tibetanske knuder /m2


180 x 240 cm / 200 x 300 cm / 250 x 350 cm 


6 - 8 mm


14 - 17 uger

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