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CH78 Mama Bear Chair Kampagne

18.995,00 kr


Kampagnen løber til og med 31.12.2020

Carl Hansen & Søn is now relaunching the CH78 Lounge Chair affectionately known as the Mama Bear Chair, designed in 1954 by Hans J. Wegner.
 Handcrafted by skilled artisans, its special aesthetic character comes from the way it balances soft, rounded curves with dynamic geometries and fine details,
such as the signature wooden armrests and legs. 
For a limited time only at a special price, the CH78 is offered in six colors in selected natural hues.



CH78 fås i 6 forskellige farver i stof Fiord.

Prisen er ekskl. pude. 

Pøllen fås i stof eller læder.

Stof: 985,-

Læder: 1.495,- 


B 84 / D 80 / H 106 / SH 40 cm