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Bulbo 57

4.600,00 kr

Smuk pendel designet i 1957 af Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

A bulb-shaped lighting unit made of blown borosilicate glass, with good shock resistance properties and excellent transparency, due to the reduced thickness of the material. The led filament is held in position by a molybdenum structure incorporated in a thin tube, also made of borosilicate, which is used in turn to extract the air and therefore prevent any internal condensation build-up. The filaments which convey the power are housed in a dedicated cable gland designed to satisfy the safety regulations and standards. The light source consists of a 225 mm long flexible micro-led filament, using customised electronics which can handle a light    flow of 210 - 450 lumen, using the most common Triac dimmers. Luminous flux is in proportion to the voltage for each lighting fixture. The light temperature of 2200°K was selected to replicate that of the traditional incandescent lamp. The same applies to the high CRI (95), which guarantees a high quality standard of chromatic performance.





Ø 20 cm