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B&B Italia Outdoor "Fiore" cafébord

12.221,00 kr



By Naoto Fukasawa

Fiore is a collection of dining tables with small sizes and small tables that stand out for their perfect formal balance and for the striking texture of their cement finish, available in white or greige.


"Many years ago, I called my chairs Papilio because their silhouettes reminded me of butterflies. Now I have called my latest project Fiore, or flower in Italian, because the Papilio Shell chairs sit around these tables like butterflies flying around a flower. The combination of a Fiore table with the Papilio chairs creates a pleasant outdoor environment for a coffee or a quick meal. This was made possible by the use of a special cement moulding technology. We also added pigments so as to match the tables to the shell of the Papilio Shell chairs."

Naoto Fukasawa

Technical information


White or Greige cement (see samples further down the page)

Top and base-frame

Cement (Ultra High Performance Concrete)

Coupling plate

Galvanized sheet


Thermoplastic material


0240G - Greige Cement

0159B - White Cement