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196 Rotor

105.578,00 kr

Sofabord i eksperimenterende form designet i 2009 af Italiensk arkitekt og designer Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni defines this table-sculpture as “a piece of furniture with an original and striking personality”, enclosed in an asymmetrical combination of various different elements. The legs and the table-top meet, twisting in dramatic fashion, each rotating in a different direction.

The extent of these skilful changes of orientation can only be seen by looking at the piece from every angle, making of the piece a fascinating visual enigma. The composition of the staves making up the refined rectangular table-top also reflect the non-uniform nature of the piece, while an inlaid trim accentuates the smoked textures of the wood. These inventive and aesthetically delightful constructional details illustrate Cassina’s crafts excellence, highlighting the meticulous thought that went into creating the joins between these irregular forms.



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